OT Wins Prestigious Responsible Travel Award


The second annual Responsible Travel & Tourism Forum Awards lunch was held in Toronto on January 24, 2013 celebrating another successful webinar series designed to provide Canadian travel agents with an opportunity to learn more about the key issues of corporate social responsibility.  Original Trails earned the Travel Agent Leadership Award.  Nominations were  evaluated by a panel of independent judges who are experts in the areas of corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, travel and tourism, and travel media.

Original Trails receiving out award.
Original Trails receiving our award.

The award was awarded to the travel agent or operator who effectively shows it’s responsible efforts under different categories. Original Trails was recognized by its peers and experts in this field for its involvement in social initiatives and giving back to local communities.

Baxter Travel Media's president, David McClung.
Baxter Travel Media’s president, David McClung.

“We are truly honoured to be recognized by our peers and individuals who specialize in the area of responsible travel.  We are a small company trying to make big changes in local communities and there is nothing more gratifying then to know our efforts are being recognized and that our philosophy is being heard.  We plan to continue in our quest to make all travel a win-win situation; one that will provide dream vacations with unparalleled personal service, but effectively continue to improve local lives and preserve the very thing we love.”




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  1. Aparna & Aaron,

    What an achievement. I am very proud to know you. The world must become a more kind,compassionate, gentle, and loving place.It begins with one act of kindness that ignites a positive chain reaction of exponential proportions. You are that spark that the world so desperately needs.

    Warmest wishes,


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